I am a self-proclaimed Foodie. If you did not know already, the official PG Urban Dictionary definition of a Foodie is, “someone who loves everything there is to know or learn about food.” Over my years of traveling to countries all over the world, I tried every kind of food you can think of. From pasta primavera in Italy to fajitas in Mexico whenever I travel, both foreign and domestic, I love to eat like a local. And that is where the vision for One World Recipe emerged. Initially I wanted to share the recipes that I have acquired throughout my food journey. Some of the recipes I post have been passed down for generations by members of my own family, while others have been given to me by strangers who quickly became life-long friends.

During my travels, I met a variety of different people. In many ways, we were very different. I encountered people who were poor, rich, young, old, short, tall, happy, and sad. Those people also came from varying cultural backgrounds and spoke dozens of different languages. Yet I noticed regardless of all those other factors when eating a meal together, either out at a restaurant or at home, a simple thing like a table became a place where all the things that made us different became invisible. Food is a force that unites us, crossing barriers of race, religion, and other classifications that we allow far too often to divide us.

That is when I thought that One World Recipe could be used for more than just sharing recipes. I wanted it to also be an opportunity to share stories that arise from our individual culinary journeys. Along with a plethora of recipes, we also have a page called Stories from the Kitchen where I share my own stories, as well as stories from friends and family members, about things they have learned through the art of cooking.

I hope you enjoy this site and find inspiration to try something new. Let’s get cooking!